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02 August 2014 @ 10:09 am
Multi colored shell head band. Not even sure you can tell that it's covered in shells from far away. To me it looks more like nerds candy.

shellz colorful
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01 August 2014 @ 09:12 am
So I recently sold a lovely pair of nautical octopus earrings to an old friend from high school. She actually has an allergy to nickel and was very reluctant to buy. I talked her into it since I have a spool of no nickel wire that I can use to make hand made earring hooks. She was ecstatic. She hadn't even sent me money or gotten her earrings before asking me to do a commission for her. A mermaid headband. Now it was very time consuming but I managed it. I have plenty more materials left from this feat. I sent her a cell phone image of this headband and she loved it even though I offered her the option of choice after I make more. She just wanted that one right then and there.

In all honesty, it was my first and a trial piece at that. Here's an image of how it turned out.




Now my question for you guys is this... Do you think elastic shell headbands would sell? If so, how much should one charge for such an item. I sold the one to my friend for twenty dollars but I felt like I might have been underselling it. I guess considering minor flaws in the trial piece, the price was right on.

By the way, I think everyone should hear this song at least one time.

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29 May 2014 @ 10:29 am
Life is so dull and bleak with my Nikon dead and lifeless in my room. But I'm starting the process of packing for my big move tonight. Fingers crossed. Wish me luck.
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24 May 2014 @ 10:25 pm
So I managed to lose my Nikon D40's charger. Poor baby is dead for the moment. It's a good thing that I'm moving all of my stuff next week. Crossing my fingers in hopes that I will find it again. I've actually completed a lot of new jewelry pieces. I've made head pieces, tons of earrings, another eyeball necklace, and a pretty Mahjong themed choker. I so wish I could show those who look at my blog.

In the mean time, I guess my older work will have to do. Here's a quick flashback of some of the things I've sold.

Holly 035

Holly 020

Holly 019

Enjoy ^_^
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21 May 2014 @ 12:47 am
Sooo I'm angry. Here comes a bit of a rant. I shipped out over twenty packages within a weeks time and managed to fuck it up. Two got mixed.
Package 1:
One pair of lovely purple earrings at a lousy 10 bucks with shipping included. This is a paid order where the payment wasn't received. I decided since it was an Echeck, I'd take the chance and send it out. If I never got paid, oh well, at least I was nice and made someone happy.

Package 2:

A gorgeous floral lace summer necklace and a beautiful chain headpiece adding up to around 34 dollars. This was a part of an Etsy trade.

Person who got package number 1 instantly sent the earrings back because she wants her order. Person who got package 2 notified me that she gifted the items to her sister and would not be sending them back. First off, I'm angry with myself because I mixed things up in the first place. Now I have to remake two items that cost 34 dollars. Yikes. Second off, I'm angry with that lady. Obviously it was not her order. It was meant for someone else. I feel like she robbed me of time and money and she robbed my Etsy-Trade customer of her order. Gr.

Earlier today, I decided to take some photos after a quick crafting session.

First image is of three eyeball rings that I made.
Product Unfinished 006

Now the next series of images are unfinished product. Earrings soon be made. Also I've been putting wire through a lot of my loose beads, prepping them so to speak. I was just so excited, I felt the need to post progress photos. Apologies for the crappy qual of the photos. Took em' fifteen minutes before I left for my work shift. :-p
Product Unfinished 011

Product Unfinished 010

Product Unfinished 012

Product Unfinished 009

Product Unfinished 028

Product Unfinished 024

Product Unfinished 021

Product Unfinished 022

Product Unfinished 023

Product Unfinished 013
Good-night. :3
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20 May 2014 @ 12:24 am
Time for a 'Catch Up' post.

Sooo, I started this journal in hopes that I would add to it frequently. So far, not so bueno. I haven't exactly been keeping up with this.

Where to start... Well, I found out that my living situation is about to change drastically but not in a bad way. No, this change will make everyone happy including myself. I had a couple of days off but not enough time to go get a library book from a bus stop lost and found. So I figured it was a perfect excuse to have my boyfriend come over to visit. After all, he did offer to get the book from the lost and found for me which I am so grateful for.


He stayed from Thursday until Monday. It was a nice visit. What's the worst part? Having to say good bye again... I hate saying good bye. It doesn't even sound right to me. I feel awkward even saying it. Usually if I never see someone, I can deal with distance in a relationship. However, with the addition of visits once or sometimes twice a month... Well it just makes things tougher. I want to be with him more than this.
Although I'm sad to see him go... I know I'll see him at the end of June, maybe even around my birthday. I'm also very relieved to have my library book aaaand I checked it out again because I'm still very deep in this series. The Crown Of Stars. Such a good series. You should try it out if you like fantasy novels with battles and dragons and such.

In news of my jewelry crafting. I'm waiting... and waiting some more. Ordering things from Hong Kong and China comes a lot cheaper but also a lot slower. It's the pits when I'm waiting for materials for commissions, repairs, requests, or replacements. Usually I am an aimless bead and jewelry shopper. I buy things that are pretty and distracting that I feel I might maybe use one day. Not to mention super cheap. :-p

However, unfortunate events have led me into some replacement projects due to mix up in packaging. I've ordered my materials but I know they will probably take much time to get to me. My biggest order was for 5000 steel jump rings. I need those. I gave up doing hand made jump rings long ago. The chain might not be as delicate or as shiny or light weight, but in my mind... It's just as lovely and far less time consuming.

I'm the worst kind of creative being, but I think I'm the most common kind as well. Disorganized and aimless in my many projects. But before I sleep, here are some more of my completed works.

Holly 013 cropped

Holly 008 cropped

Holly 029

Latest Works 001

Holly 111

Holly 054
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11 May 2013 @ 10:33 pm
I finished a commissioned piece a couple of days ago. This is the image. I think I might want to re-do this one, but I want to get the customer's opinion on it first.

 photo 002.jpg

I'm in a very odd mood tonight. I've been gearing up for a yard sale.

On the 1st I'm going to a jewelry show out of town. Can't wait.
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28 April 2013 @ 03:22 pm
I'm making progress in unpacking my things and organizing the jewelry. I finally got a commission project in the mail and am excited about getting it started. However I've reached some snags regarding the chain I have available so it will take a while for me to establish how I will connect the charms.

However, my other latest project is kind of moving along. I was careful in packing it when I moved to the peninsula. I'm not too happy with the way it is turning out. The rings don't appear to be sitting correctly. Here's an image of what I've done so far.

Progress on latest project photo Progress027.jpg

In other news I have two songs that I adore right now.
The Neighbourhood- Sweater Weather


Mother Mother- Bit By Bit

Also I'm looking forward to Wednesday. I plan on taking the bus to visit my boyfriend. From there it's going to be just another drill week-end.
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18 April 2013 @ 11:49 pm
I guess everything is as it will be for now. I am with my boyfriend but I cannot be with him in the flesh. Small visits is all I'm getting for a while.
I swear, when he's with me, I am fine and can be happy. But while we are apart, I worry so much.
Gotta say that ultimately, this sucks.
However, there is relief in knowing where I belong right now. Also, I cleared financial issues up. Now all I need to do is plan for the future.

Speaking of the future, my friend Sarah and her family are coming to visit soon so now I've got something to look forward to. I haven't seen her for a good three years now.